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TomograPy by nbarbey

Siddon tomography algorithm in Python

What is TomograPy ?

This is a fast parallelized tomography projector / backprojector. It originates from solar tomography application but could be use for other applications. It uses the fast Siddon algorithm as its core. The parallelization is done with OpenMP on the C part of the code.

Application in solar tomography

For solar astrophysics, TomograPy allows to perform solar tomographic reconstructions of the corona. It can take SOHO or STEREO data and output a 3-dimensional map of the corona. For now only Extreme-Ultraviolet data is handled but handling of coronographic data is planed along with handling of data from other spacecrafts. For more information, you can take a look at the Solar Physics TomograPy paper [arxiv].


You need numpy, pyfits, fitsarray for TomograPy to run.


The documentation for TomograPy is embedded into the code as docstrings. To get started, take a look at TomograPy/ or in IPython, just do:
>>> import TomograPy
>>> TomograPy?


For an example on how to use TomograPy, see exemple/ For solar tomography, you need first to process data using Then you can take a look at exemple/ or use directly the TomograPy/srt script.


numpy, pyfits, fitsarray, lo


You should have distutils installed. Then, just do:
easy_install TomograPy
Alternatively, you can install using the development sources with:
git clone git://
cd TomograPy
python install




Nicolas Barbey (



You can download this project in either zip or tar formats.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://