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Package linear_operators

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linear_operators is a package implementing estimation algorithms for
large scale linear problems. The workflow is as follows : generate a
linear model using LinearOperator instances as buildling blocks,
define a criterion to minimize using this model, and finally perform
minimization on the criterion using a given minimization algorithm.

Subpackages implements each part of this workflow. Here is a list of
the subpackages :

- interface : Taken from the scipy.sparse package. It implement the
  LinearOperator class which replaces matrices and do not require to
  store any matrix coefficient. It makes use of matrix-vector
  operations instead.

- operators : A set of LinearOperator subclasses implementing various
   linear operation on vectors and their transpose.

- ndoperators : A set of LinarOperator subclasses implementing
  operations on multidimensional arrays.

- iterative : Contains the Criterion class which allows to define objective
  function as well as minimizers such as the conjugate gradient algorithms
  and wrappers to other minimizing algorithms.

- wrappers : define extra LinearOperator subclasses if optional
  dependencies are available.

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